My Favorite Reads

This is my list of must reads. It’s not a ranking, just an on-going list of my favorite books with a quick summary about each.

  • All Souls Trilogy (completed) by Deborah Harkness

If you love history, alchemy, science, romance, mystery, witches, vampires, daemons, and wines, this genre-bending trilogy is perfect for you! My ABSOLUTE favorite series.

  • The Story of Us Trilogy (completed) by Sydney Jamesson

This is an epic, transcendental, modern day fairy tale between two lovers who have gone through extraordinary circumstances to obtain their happily ever after.

  • Gabriel’s Series (completed) by Sylvain Reynard

With a lyrical and brilliant writing style, this trilogy tells a forbidden yet fateful  & passionate story of two lovers who must overcome obstacles and dark pasts to find their love. It’s a story about forgiveness and redemption.

  • Words Series (On going) by Georgina Guthrie

Do you love Shakespeare? Are you in love with Bard’s enduring words? If so, this series is for you. GG beautifully weaves Shakespeare’s famous words into this contemporary romance series that clearly shows how relevant Bard still is in today’s world. A sweet & intelligent read.

  • Fifty Shades Trilogy (completed) by EL James

Yes, Fifty Shades is on my list. THE trilogy that broke barriers & got millions of people to read deserve some attention (You can decide how much). The only thing I will say here is this: It’s fictional! Books are for entertainment, just enjoy it as much as you can 😀

  • Tangled series (on going) by Emma Chase

A HILARIOUS series of romance novels written in the male’s point of view. The books really give you an insight into how men think. The books will DEFINITELY make you laugh! And maybe even somewhat informative. A great pick-me-up on a sad day.

  • Clipped Wings series (completed) by Helena Hunting

A story of two people who separately experienced unimaginable tragedies causing them to doubt whether they could ever find love. It’s a story about finding that right person who just complements you completely.

  • Cranberry Inn series (on going) by Beth Ehemann

A sweet all American story between a young single mom of twin girls and a NHL MVP. It’s one of the sweetest stories I have ever read. You will fall in love with Brody Murphy, a tender, mature, and loving man that has the biggest heart ever! It’s a straight forward and beautiful love story that will capture your heart.

  • Outlander series (on going) by Diana Gabaldon

The ultimate romance, historical fiction, military fiction, and sci-fi genre-crossing series. This epic tale of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser is one of those stories that just can’t be missed. A love story as its core but it’s also filled with well-researched history and challenging adventures. It’s one of those series that will be a classic.


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