The Truest of Words review

Finally, after a long wait, The Truest of Words is released on Amazon!! A huge congratulation to Georgina Guthrie! Click here for purchase link. This book provides an absolutely beautiful end to Sailor and Poppet’s journey.


With the end of term finally behind them, Aubrey and Daniel look forward to building a life together. A painful realization that they can’t truly embrace the future until they’ve come to terms with the past leads them to discover the healing potential of forgiveness and the power of unconditional love.

Like the first two books in the series, The Truest of Words is a romantic tale that blends witty banter with passion and drama.

One of my favorite quotes from TToW

One of my favorite quotes from TToW


My review:

This book has been sitting on my TBR-shortlist folder since April 2014. Today(Nov. 18), the book finally came out. Yes, I am writing my review of this book on the day of the release because I just FINISHED reading The Truest of Words. I devoured and savored the entire book on its release day! I am NOT ashamed to say I didn’t do much but read this book (I had a pretty free day) the entire day.

The Truest of Words is the final book of the Words Series. It picked up right where we left off in Better Deeds than Words. Daniel and Aubrey continue to countdown to Aubrey’s graduation, so they could go public with their relationship and move forward. For those of you that are wondering, there is a HEA!

How I felt about this book…
Once again, I was blown away by the precision, eloquence, beauty, and sincerity of Georgina Guthrie’s words. With a series that’s about words, GG did a fantastic job giving us books that lived up to its name! I am in awe of her ability to convey Daniel & Aubrey’s story. You experience their ups and downs, trials and tribulations, joy and sorrows. I felt them! And for someone who’s mostly level-headed, this was a huge accomplishment! It goes to show how powerful GG’s writing is.

TToW covers it all. There were funny, nervous, witty, heartwarming, sad, joyous, and countless romantic moments. Aubrey& Daniel continue their witty banters, Patty makes multiple appearances, the whole Grant family as well as Julie & Matt all have great scenes in the book. Family and friendship place a huge part in TToW, as with the previous two books.

Daniel and Aubrey is one of the most memorable couples I have ever read. They have a very special place in my heart. They won me over (and over) with their intelligence, romantics, flaws, strengths, and most definitely their love for each other. Daniel& Aubrey’s love for each other is one that I want! I guess, it’s why this story and its people are so REAL to me. Our hero and heroine don’t have a “dark” past (per se, I’m getting tired of dark pasts, it’s seriously overused!). They have real issues that stem of real life problems that we can relate to, as well as problems appropriate to its context (namely Daniel’s reputation). GG writes in a way that convey that realism so precisely. It speaks directly to my heart. Their love for each other really leaps out of the page without being in your face. GG’s writing is perfectly balanced, so that all the emotions the characters felt were not cheesy (NEVER!) or exaggerated!

Love & relationship is a journey and a process. They have ups and downs. And you can see/read Daniel and Aubrey work through all that have happened to them. They complement each others in times of weakness/flaws, and they shine synergistically when they are together in fun and stressful times. When I was reading TToW, watching Aubrey and Daniel work through their problems and finding epiphanies, I felt like I was learning from them. Learning what it is to have a successful relationship. It was amazing to witness/read. You could tell that the messages were rooted in GG’s experience and she believed in them. I am not saying the books are relationship handbooks, but the series presents you with realistic approaches, expectations, conflicts, and resolutions in romance that makes the story less fiction-like.

The realness is what makes Daniel and Aubrey special. It’s what makes GG’s writing unique and brilliant. By the time I reached the ending, I experienced this satisfaction I have not experienced about a series in a long time. It was this satisfaction that let me know Aubrey and Daniel will be ok, will be happy, will be arguing but also finding solutions, will be successful. This satisfaction comes from how full-circle the story concludes. It’s a satisfaction that left me content and at peace that this story has ended. I would be lying if I say I didn’t want more D&A. I will always want more, but I am happy with it. And I haven’t felt like this about a book or a series in a long time. And this speaks a lot to GG’s ability to bring this emotion out of me. Bravo!

Overall, it has been incredible to read Sailor & Poppet’s story. I am crying as I am writing this review. I am sad that this is over but I am happy to have “known” them. So thank you, GG for writing this magnificent, inspirational, enlightening, and luminous story.



2 thoughts on “The Truest of Words review

  1. Steph, it’s been such a pleasure sharing the journey to the release of this book with you, for it’s readers like you who make this process and all the hard work so incredibly worthwhile. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your passion, and your genuine love of reading.

    xo and ❤

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