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Unfortunately due to time constraint, we won’t be able to finish a re-read of Better Deeds than Words, book 2 of The Words Series, in time before the release of The Truest of Words on Nov. 18, 2014! So instead, Amy and I decided to do a sort of overview/highlight/listicles post of BDTW.

In case you missed it, there is a Real-Time Reading Calendar for BDTW that you can download. Click HERE.


Favorite Moments

  1. Patty, lycopene, and oil service discussion. Enough said! 
  2. Daniel & Aubrey’s first night together in Daniel’s apartment. 
    Giddy & excited as heck!
  3. When Daniel said, “You know you’re making quite a home for yourself in my heart too, right?”
    Do I hear a collective sigh?!
  4. When they profess they are falling in love with each other.
    Such a tender moment!
  5. EVERYTHING that happened in the cottage!! The boat, sunset, song, and SEX!
    When the sexy time finally happened…
    We tried to, but you really shouldn’t be!
    Fireplace sexy time was a moment of triumph!
    When they finally used the pool table for its true purpose.
    …from all the talks on angles and access. Geometry has never been this sexy.
    And then they were on the boat, watching sunset, listening to Daniel sing
    Aubrey, I know you are Daniel’s true love but…
    In the end, the cottage scenes were EVERYTHING! We were happy and satisfied 😉
  6. Daniel’s Countdown Letters to Aubrey. Were they not the sweetest things?!?!
    The sweetest thing EVER! Daniel was so thoughtful
  7. Love watching Daniel as a TA. He really shines in those moments.
    Watching Daniel in his element!
  8. Whenever Daniel calls Aubrey sweetheart.
    Olaf, thanks for your sacrifice, you will be missed. #melted
  9. Penny’s secret plan for the soul mates to meet.
    Penny, you are so sweet!


Things we want to see resolved in The Truest of Words

  1. Daniel’s Oxford past still haunts him; we hope to see some of that resolved, hopefully without physically confronting Nicola.
  2. Improvement in Daniel’s relationship with his father, David Grant.
  3. Brad & Penny’s wedding!!! Is like we are invited to this wedding, too….right?!
  4. The result of that TA review on Daniel. GAH, I hope it was nothing…
  5. The Happily ever after for Matt, he deserves it..

Things we DON’T EVER want to see

  1. Please oh please. We DO NOT want Nicola to show up! LIKE NOOOOOOOOO.
  2. Hopefully no Sabrina. .. PLEASE NO.
    Do I need to repeat myself?
  3. Aaron “Unibrow” O’Connor. We are suspicious of this man. The result of Daniel’s TA review is important but we don’t really want to see this guy. Seriously, do you trust this guy?!


Things we HOPE or MIGHT show up

  1. WE WANT MORE OF Patty! She’s such a hoot, there needs to be more of her, period! HENRIETTA IS THE BESTEST!!!
  2. Aubrey’s graduation and family.
  3. I have a feeling Aaron “Unibrow” O’Connor might show up… * CRIES IN A CORNER*
  4. Definitely hope to see Daniel & Aubrey travel Europe!
    If Sherlock says yes….


Favorite Quotes

Chapters 1-6

“Lycopene. It’s good for the prostate” – Patty

“You are having your oil changed regularly, I hope?” –Patty asked Daniel

“Okay then. Allow me to put your mind at rest. My oil is being changed fairly regularly. There. Satisfied?…Unfortunately, I’m decidedly, um, self-employed, at the moment” – Daniel

“You know you’re making quite a home for yourself in my heart too, right?” – Daniel

“Excuse me, but what happened to typical English country weather? If you ever need to use this, I’ll eat my fucking hat.” –Daniel

“I wrote about how much I wanted to kiss you when we were in the theatre that night and how helpless I’d felt when you were sick….That’s when I understood the hold you had on me.” –Daniel

Daniel Grant is definitely maybe falling in love with me!” –Aubrey

“Only you. You’re all that matters now.” –Daniel

Chapters 7-12

“I don’t think any of the tragic heroes spiraled to their downfall as a result of a lost mitten.”—David Grant, what a genius foreshadowing

“Please don’t speak about our future in hypothetical terms. I am going to be a part of your future. End of story.” –Daniel

Chapters 13-18

“If you know which qualities you admire most in someone, you’re more likely to recognize that person when you meet her…or him. I prefer to call it recognition at first sight.” –Daniel

“I love you, Aubrey Price. I’m completely and totally in love with you.” –Daniel

“I love you too, Daniel. You are the most thoughtful, understanding, and amazing person I’ve ever known.” –Aubrey

Chapters 19-24

“ ‘So, if we were in some cheesy movie, this is the part where we’d hug and decided to be best friends, right?’


‘I hate cheesy movies.’

‘Me too.’” –Cara and Aubrey

“Then we were kissing and rolling, all legs and arms, tongues and hips. I needed to touch him everywhere.” –Aubrey

“I ran my fingers and nails all over his back, making him shiver. His half purr, half growl was just what I wanted to hear.” –Aubrey

“ We were in love, and neither one of us cared who knew the truth.” –Aubrey

Chapters 25-32

“I can’t believe you can quote Shakespeare at a time like this. Cleverness like that ought to be rewarded.” –Daniel

“But I need silly. I need someone to make me stop taking everything so seriously. Promise me you won’t stop? You’re so good for me.” –Daniel

“Daniel took my hand in his and looked at me earnestly, ‘I know you love mornings and sunrises, but those belong to you and your dad. Sunsets can be ours, okay?’” –Aubrey/Daniel

“He opened my hand and turned the jewel-encrusted heart over. On the back, one word was engraved: Home.” –Aubrey


So, I guess what we are trying to say about The Truest of Words is….

I mean, I just need to know what happens next!


It’s not too much to ask


Steph & Amy