Interview with Georgina Guthrie Part II

I hope you all enjoyed part I of the interview with Georgina Guthrie, author of The Words Series. Amy and I had a TON of fun coming up all these questions for her. If you missed part I of the interview, click HERE.

I tend to be more reflective as the year approaches the end. And I can definitively say that The Words Series is one of the best series I have read this year. It’s such an underrated series that I just want to shout at people to get them to read Daniel & Aubrey’s story! The books were intelligently written especially with all the incorporation of Shakespeare’s works. The books really reflect how well GG understands and loves Shakespeare. She made Shakespeare relevant again!

For those who love GG, I hope you find the interviews fun.

For those who haven’t read the books, I hope the interviews inspire and convince you to give the books a try.

The Words Series (Amazon US link):

The Weight of Words

Better Deeds Than Words

The Truest of Words (To be released on Nov. 18!!!!)

Visit Georgina’s website, In my Write mind.


Was writing & publishing books a dream of yours?

I’ve always loved reading and writing, and I used to write a lot when I was a teenager, but after I graduated from university, I had a very demanding career, and there simply wasn’t time in my life for writing. About five years ago, I switched jobs and suddenly had time to myself to pursue what interested me. I started writing for an on-line community first, and then the opportunity to publish presented itself. This has been such an incredibly rewarding experience. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to write a book and hold the product of all my efforts in my hands. The chance to share my writing and talk to people who have read my words is unparalleled. I can’t articulate how amazing it is.

Could you tell us about the genesis of The Words Series? What inspired you to write Aubrey & Daniel’s story?

When I started writing The Weight of Words in 2009, I wanted to create a story that could be romantic and passionate, but not just a series of sex scenes with little bits of plot interspersed. The notion of including scenes of academia really appealed to me. There’s an old adage, “write what you’d want to read.” So I suppose initially, I was writing for an audience of one: me. Lol.

I also wanted to write an old-fashioned love story, one that would require the male lead to use his charm to woo and court the object of his desire. There is so little delayed gratification in this day and age. It seems that lust leads the way, and hopefully love will follow. I very much wanted to flip this notion upside down and force my characters to fall in love first. I suppose I’m just an old-fashioned romantic.

The problem became trying to figure out a way to keep the characters apart. The TA-student relationship seemed apt, and therefore the university setting was natural. Given the experiences I had while I was at Vic, the story blossomed quite organically once the characters and setting were established.

What I love most about this series is how beautifully and brilliantly you weaved the Bard’s words in your modern day love story. What does Shakespeare mean to you?

I adore literature in general, and have a fondness for intertextuality. I wanted to reference literature in The Weight of Words, but I thought I should focus on something specific so I wouldn’t muddy the water too much. Since I feel comfortable with Shakespeare’s canon, I decided to focus on his works. As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, Shakespeare’s work is so versatile and explores every facet of the human condition. He is, quite simply, brilliant.


The Truest of Words is being released on November 18th. Can you tell us what we can expect from the continuing story?

Essentially, the story follows Aubrey and Daniel through the post-graduation stage of their relationship. Now that the TA-student dynamic has been eliminated, you’d think everything will be sunshine and roses, but unfortunately, that’s not the way life works. They both have their own issues to work out, ones which can strain their relationship if left unchecked. What I’ve tried to do in The Truest of Words is to give the character storylines I opened in the first two books an appropriate and satisfying closure.

Do you have a main message that you want your readers to take away from The Words Series?

I would never prescribe what readers should take away from something I’ve written. Since, as readers, we all come to the table with something different, I can only assume we’ll all walk away with something unique as well. I’ve just done my best to write a compelling love story which I obviously want readers to enjoy. Having said that, I know 100% approval isn’t a given either, and that’s okay.

I found out about The Words Series because of Sylvain Reynard, author of the Gabriel’s series. You mention that SR was a “mentor” in your acknowledgements. Could you elaborate on this? Have you met him in person?

SR and I have been “pen pals” for about 4 years. We were brought together by our on-line readers who noted that we were writing stories that shared a setting and some thematic similarities. Readers assumed we knew each other and were reading each other’s stories. We were not. But we connected on-line thanks our readers’ intervention. We used to chat about music, books, poetry and literary themes such as love, forgiveness, redemption, etc.

Once I had finished writing the Words series, I read Gabriel’s Inferno. Like other readers, I fell in love with SR’s characters and writing style and began to strongly consider publishing my own books. SR mentored me throughout the publication process, always willing to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer encouragement—all of which continues to this day. I’ll always be grateful for SR’s generous support.

There you have it, Part II of the interview with GG. I hope you like it.

Once again, Thank you, GG for doing this interview. Thank you all for reading

Don’t forget The Truest of Words comes out on Nov. 18!